Vall d´Aran day 5 – Vall de Valarties-Vall de Ruda

Route between moderate and difficult for some stretches of steep path in the Tredos Baths to Ruda where you have to get off the bike, but they are timely and the beauty of the environment makes up for the small technical difficulties. Apart from this trail, the rest of the route is frankly easy for perfectly cyclable tracks.

We leave Baqueria in electric mountain bikes and we go down to Tredòs Salardú Gessa and Arties by paths and paths until we go up the road to Valarties towards the Nera Plan where cars have mandatory parking.
The rise from the parking lot is almost 9 kilometers to reach 2134m through Loseron and Pruedo. It is a long and continuous climb that is hard on the bike and very easy for eBike.

We go down to the valley of Aiguamoix where we find abundant and dangerous traffic of taxi drivers that go up and down from the Banhs until it was Montanheta.

At the Banhs plain, we take the track to the right where we gradually move away from the crowd and the cars into a forest that is increasingly solitary and better preserved. The chances of finding wildlife are important, you have to be careful.

We climb about 3 km and 250m up to over 2000m. We started off on a track that is on the way and the last kilometer of climbing is by embedded trail with wet sections. In bicycle we would have dragged the bike four or five times, since we are electrified, we just have to set foot on the floor in some mud or cross a couple of logs.

The forest is beautiful and well preserved, above the neck the meadows are extraordinary and nature excites us. The descent by technical trail with stretches on foot, which takes us to the Ruda palms where it becomes easier and opens up to the solarium and to the views of the Ruda valley.

The last stretch to the starting point for the track without any difficulty.

Vall de Valarties-Vall de RudaVall de Valarties-Vall de RudaVall de Valarties-Vall de RudaVall de Valarties-Vall de RudaVall de Valarties-Vall de RudaVall de Valarties-Vall de RudaVall de Valarties-Vall de Ruda



Total distance: 36688 m
Max elevation: 2136 m
Total climbing: 1476 m
Total time: 04:58:07


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