GPS users. We have good news!

Here is the Bttmania Webinar. Online track editing using Wtracks.

What used to be done with CompeGPS or Oziexplorer. But now you don’t need programs or cartography to be downloaded to your PC.


What can you do?

1- Have multiple maps from around the world.

2- Create manual tracks. Marking track points along their paths, trails and tracks.

3- Create them using your navigable cartography. That is to say that does it automatically by paths and tracks joining two points that you indicate to him on the map.

4- Create waypoints to add to your track in pre and post editing.

5- Cut a track.

6- Lengthen a track.

7- Join tracks to generate a new one.

8- In addition, it will automatically give you altimetry values ​​for each new trackpoint or waypoint you create. So not only will you plan the route, but you can see its difference automatically.


We hope you find this complete online Track Editing Webinar appealing to the restless GPS community.


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