Valdemorillo – Valmayor – Zarzalejo

We started the route in Valdemorillo and along trails we immediately approach Valmayor. It is really incredible, full as it has not been seen in years. At 87.9% of its capacity. It is so crowded that we try to follow the trails around its perimeter, but they are all covered by water.

We cross the Paraíso Urbanization and continue near the reservoir to La Pizarrera, which we also cross to exit towards the Ermita de Valmayor and the Parque de las Infantas Urbanization.

We crossed the M-600 and took the Colada de Fuentevieja which promised to have water… but it was really full! The first step was to cross the Fuentevieja Stream. We reach the Cañada Real Leonesa, cross it and continue along the Colada del Camino de Villalba and the Collada del Camino de la Cruzijada. At the end we visit the Laguna de Castrejón with Las Machotas in the background and we cross the M-535 roads, by the M-533 we pass the train track to take the track towards the Roman Road where we turn on the GR10 towards Zarzalejo La Estación. To go out on the Camino de Cañal Cojo. We crossed the Camino de Zarzalejo to Robledo de Chavela and stopped at the stone of the Republican Observatory of Zarzalejo.

We cross the M-532 road and face Valdemorillo along the Path of Robledo de Chavela.

Good route, although due to the constant recent rains of the last two months it was really flooded.




Total distance: 35646 m
Max elevation: 991 m
Total climbing: 793 m
Total time: 03:59:47


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