Rasos de Peguera tour

We start the route from the old ski resort of Rasos de Peguera (1894 masl). Now a snow park in the winter. It is a place of great natural and landscape value, which gives access to the Protected Natural Area of ​​the Serra d’Ensija-els Rasos de Peguera.

We will follow the PR-C 73 path, despite the lack of marks. We start climbing towards the Rasos de Baix of 2,058 meters above sea level. And we go down a little field through trees to La Collada de Rasets of 1,942 meters above sea level. And from there to the Plà de la Bassa for sure going down the Tagast and passing by the Font del Tagast which until 2007 was the source of water supply in Berga. We continue through the ruins of Can Déu and arrive at the Sanctuary of Corbera. Where we leave the PR-C 73 and take the GR-107 (Camí dels Bons Homes, Stage 1 Sanctuary of Queralt – Peguera, also known, although less, as Camí dels Càtars.

The next point through which they pass is the Coll d’Oreller and later through the houses of l’Estany and Plà de l’Estany, completely dry in August. Later, when we reach the Coll de les Nou Comes, the final part of the Carena del Soldat, the sunny track becomes beautiful. And in case that wasn’t enough. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the majestic beech forest of the berry of Noucomes and the panoramic views towards the Catllaràs and the mountain range of Ensija. The best of the route and the best and only part of the trail of all the Camí dels Bons Homes.

But there are still other wonders in this stretch. Almost right at the end. The old Túnel dels Graus, Included in the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. In 1906 “Minas de Peguera S.A.” begins the construction of the Peguera-Cercs railway, to lower coal from “Mina Pepita” and wood from the forests of the area.

At the exit of the tunnel. We are in Graus de Peguera and cross the Torrent de La Molina and the Barranc dels Graus. We continue and pass by the Font de Cal Coix which has very fresh water and a mandatory stop in its shade. And with it we arrive at the old abandoned mining town of Peguera. Story site and that I am personally in love with. Its meadows, its houses protected by the Roc de Peguera of 1,704 msnm. Idyllic (personally I think).

And with pity but we already leave from there by the wooded zone of the Baga de Peguera towards the Tossal of 1,752 msnm and we continue ascending towards the Collet del Cotllarí of 1,864 msnm. And along the path of the Rasos de Peguera we close to the Parking de Peguera. Point to close the route.


Vuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de PegueraVuelta a Rasos de Peguera



Total distance: 22140 m
Max elevation: 2056 m
Total climbing: 1129 m
Total time: 06:09:38


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