Madrid Copper Route

We start the route in Molino de La Hoz and we go out on the trail of the Camino de la Depuradora that does not go up to El Cantizal and from there we already go down to cross the Guadarrama River by the Puente del Retamar.

At this point the ascent to “Mortirolo” begins along the path from the Puente del Retamar to Colmenarejo. The maximum ascent is reached at Cerro del Paredón at 842 meters above sea level.

We enter Colmenarejo and exit through the Carlos III University, pedaling along the Cordel de la Espernada, but we immediately turn off onto the Collada del Camino del Pardillo passing the ruins of the old copper smelter that gives the route its name. This is now private property, but they are visible as it is located next to the property’s fence.

A little further on, we turn off into the Collada del Cerro del Burro. That immediately becomes a nice downhill path. And that brings us to the ruins of the “Antigua Pilar” copper mine. Its 65 wells and numerous galleries made it the most important copper mine in the province of Madrid, which ceased its activity in 1909 after a fire in the master pit.

We continue our descent towards the urbanization of Las Cuestas passing the Arroyo del Riosequillo (or Membrillo). We literally climbed all the slopes of the urbanization and left on the Camino de Villanueva del Pardillo track.

We pass by the Casa de la Patata. Strategic point of the famous battle of Brunete of the Spanish Civil War. And follow us up the track until we turn right and enter the Bosque de la Ventilla II, passing almost through the Cerro de la Osera at 829 meters above sea level. stop and go down to look for the track of the Camino de las Viñas and then we join the track of steep descent that we have climbed before. The “Mortirolo” and that returns us to Molino de la Hoz.

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Total distance: 27531 m
Max elevation: 840 m
Total climbing: 776 m
Total time: 02:56:45


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