Cartagena and its fortresses

We start the route from the parking of the Restaurant el Chalet. And when we start shooting the first thing we are going to visit is the Christmas Dock Lighthouse, or popularly known as the “red lighthouse”, which dates back to 1881 when it was ordered to signal the breakwater breakwater at Punta de Navidad.

Then we continue rolling towards the Port of Cartagena along the road to Espalmador that leads us to the Rambla de Benipila. And that we pedal along it until we reach Calle Real passing through the Puerta del Arsenal and reaching the Universities and museums. To then continue along the Paseo de Alfonso XII and the Paseo del Muelle. All that front of the Cartagena Bay we do by the shared marks of the trails, GR-92 Sendero del Mediterraneo and GR-250 Camino del Apóstol.

Reaching the Barriada de Santiago, we went up a track crossing the Rambla del Cobre to the Cerro de San Julián, 296 meters above sea level, where in the 16th century it was used as a watchtower to warn of the presence of enemies. And already during the 18th and 19th centuries the Castle of San Julián was built.

This castle is currently open to visitors only to currently house antennas. But from Carlos III to the present time it has had various defensive and military functions. Used in the Civil War as it was also used as a prison for high positions in the Spanish army. And that it continued as a prison in the eighties.

We continue on our way down to the Trincabotijas Batteries, which cannot be visited. It is a 17th century construction, which is why it is considered the oldest coastal battery in Cartagena. The battery was dismantled at the end of the Civil War.

Later we met again with the GR-92 and passed by La Cortina Beach and surrounded by the Complementary Battery of Santa Ana, the Battery of Santa Ana Acasamatada and the Battery San Isidoro and Santa Florentina.

We continue along the GR-92 leaving the Battery of San Leandro on our left. Fortification from the 18th century that is located next to the Curra dam, signposted by the La Curra Dam Lighthouse or popularly known as the “green lighthouse”.

We undo all the way along the GR-92 through the bay until we reach the Rambla de Benipila again, which we also rolled entering the port again, but this time deviating to go up to the Cerro de Galeras at 208 masl. Where is the Castle of Galeras. Built in the 18th century and of great importance in the Cantonal Revolution of 1873. Later, during the Civil War, it was used as a troop prison. And 1987 passed from the hands of the Army to the Navy. It is currently closed, which allows better conservation. It is listed as a Property of Cultural Interest. With what we have to settle for taking the photo from the top of its viewpoint.

We are making our way down now, but we turn towards the Battery of San Fulgencio and then we go up to the Fajardo Defensive Center. A set of Battery and Barracks that was our last visited defensive point.

Now we only had to go down to finish the route and take a good Caldero Murciano.


Cartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezasCartagena y sus fortalezas



Total distance: 31307 m
Max elevation: 290 m
Total climbing: 1488 m
Total time: 03:13:33


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