Anoia Trails

Departure proposed by the group Kpedalin de Capellades so we know a little more about its magnificent garden.

Guided at all times by the Oscar and Marc, a young 16-year-old promise that competes in the Catalan Cup and is stronger than vinegar, they prepared a route that intertwined a path after another, to which one better.

The exit is circular from Capellades, passing through La Torre and La Pueblo de Claramunt, we are gaining height by pedaling a bit for the GR-172 until arriving at the Cerro de la Monjoia or see magnificent views of the Montserrat Mountain. Here we agree on a stretch with the “EnduroAnoia” test that is celebrated annually and that makes us have to trace a piece by track, until it reaches almost the Bruc tunnel, to reach the highest point of the day Rocas Blancas.

From here begins the descent, at moments and in some concrete point a little technical but that in the vast majority can be done quietly, crossing the forest d’en Martí until reaching Can Aguilera where we stop to make a well-deserved bite. Once the breakfast is over and without time to warm the legs again a good blood sausage awaits us, which will take us through the forest of the Tower to Cerro d’en Marranet, where after doing a fast and extraordinary downhill path that stretches It is ready bike-park, it takes us on a new climb towards Cerro de l’Avellana, but we cannot get to the point where we turn towards La Macarulla and later the rubble where we are waiting for the penultimate motocross of the day, where we leave the GR-172 again to get rid of the road made.

Before arriving again to Capellades, we head towards the upper part of town to make the traditional and well-known motocross of the ” dwarf” that puts the icing on an extraordinary mountain bike journey.

Corriols per l´AnoiaCorriols per l´AnoiaCorriols per l´AnoiaCorriols per l´AnoiaCorriols per l´AnoiaCorriols per l´AnoiaCorriols per l´Anoia



Total distance: 40890 m
Max elevation: 754 m
Total climbing: 1600 m
Total time: 05:50:56


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