Vall d´Aran day 7 – Es Bòrdes

We started from the town of es Bòrdes where we take the road that leads to the Artiga de Lin where the majestic Uelhs deth Joeu jump is located, but after a little more than a kilometer of road we take a track that makes us take height quickly and that passes between the forest of Sapertega and the Sovinhaus forest. The climb is 8 kilometers and coincides with route number 7 of the BTT center. Once we reached the highest point of the day 1,480m we take a path through the ravine des Arrgüelets that makes us extreme precautions, first because of the steep slope there is and secondly because during the night and the previous day it rained and the type of terrain did not accompany much. Lucky that the brakes do their job. Once we are lost height and shortly before reaching again to Borders and close the first loop of the day, the path becomes a track.

Then we take the GR-211 and it goes parallel to the Garonne River and on the road that connects with France, to connect with the second loop that starts in the rice village and that for 4 kilometers we will make the same road that leads to the Saut deth Pish. Once this kilometric point has been reached, we leave the asphalt and take the track towards Vilamòs and we will pass through San Juan de Rice and the hermitage of Sant Miquèu, where we have privileged views of the Aneto.

Once we have recovered our strength in the beautiful town of Vilamòs, we face the descent along a path that is not very technical but at some point makes you set foot on the ground, in the direction of first Benòs and later Begós to link up again with the GR-211 and close the second loop of the day and this pilgrimage through the Valley of Aran.

Es BòrdesEs BòrdesEs BòrdesEs BòrdesEs BòrdesEs BòrdesEs BòrdesEs BòrdesEs Bòrdes



Total distance: 37118 m
Max elevation: 1476 m
Total climbing: 1418 m
Total time: 08:07:24


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