Path of Retreat

We leave Molló for the newly opened access to the Riberal Bridge with descent stairs, we will find the way of the retreat for La Costa, Pla Jugador, Quera del Boc and Solana de l’Arboç to Coll Prugent, a cyclable climb, a couple of hard ramps and lots of sun. It gets a little harder towards Coll d’Ares.

We start a descent path with foot to ground on two closed corners but it is done well, then it widens and if it is damp, we must avoid the cow’s scratches. We believe the Ctra. and we keep going down.

We enter the beautiful, hallucinating, varied, technical cyclable trail, dark in the woods from the Pla de l’Espinassa to the Xalades de Flameja. Pure delicacy with adrenaline points, perhaps more wet roots will make it more difficult for the initial stretch.

Without arriving to Prats de Molló, we go back to the indicated track and immediately follow the path. It starts to hard but it immediately softens and we will do more than 8km of gentle and steady rise that works very well and allow you to maintain the rhythm of the forest and the shadows (not always).

A section of track descended quickly and again to go up smooth 6Km more with the rest in the tower of Mir, where you can arrive there by motocross following this track or easier by taking the second break (return of this track)

After the Coll de les Basses we make a couple of moderate up and down and begin the descent through meadows with views and some to climb to Pregon hill.

Another path and then go to Espinavell and return to Molló where we could avoid a section of road if the owners of Can Freixe had not decided to ban the way and threaten with unplugged dogs.

Camí de la RetiradaCamí de la RetiradaCamí de la RetiradaCamí de la RetiradaCamí de la RetiradaCamí de la RetiradaCamí de la RetiradaCamí de la RetiradaCamí de la Retirada



Total distance: 38920 m
Max elevation: 1648 m
Total climbing: 1567 m
Total time: 05:58:06


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