Cercedilla Grassland – Montón de Trigo

We started from the Dehesas de Cercedilla where we left the car in the Parkings enabled for it.

We started the climb up the Collada de la Fuenfría, or Calzada Romana, which connected Segovia with Titulcia. In our case, the route begins in the Dehesas and ends at the Puerto de la Fuenfría and along it we find three bridges: La Venta, del Descalzo and Enmedio that were built during the time of Felipe V to save the Rio de la Sale (Arroyo de la Fuenfría).

We arrived after the first part of the initial ascent to the Puerto de la Fuenfría of 1,792 m, where we turn left towards Cerro Minguete and its hill of the same name where we attacked the highest point of the day, the Wheat Boulder of 2,161 m . where we enjoyed the views of the Sierra de Guadarrama in its slopes Madrid and Segovia.

We went down its north face to cross with the PR4 that comes down from the Dead Woman and we take it until we return to the Collado Minguete, where we had to the right to take a path that takes us to Peña Bercial and to its descent we arrive at the Collado de Marichiva.

Now we only have the descent to the Dehesas de Cercedilla by the Hoyuelo.

Beautiful route with the height 2161 m of the Wheat heap from where we contemplate the magnitude of the Sierra de Guadarrama. With a few beers and some laughter in the Muñoza in the Plaza Mayor of Cercedilla.



Total distance: 13856 m
Max elevation: 2129 m
Total climbing: 1132 m
Total time: 05:02:05


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