Villalba – Alcanzorla Bridge

We started from Collado-Villalba, and more specifically from the Parque de la Coruña. And we headed towards Las Suertes and the Gadarrama River downstream.

Playing between trails we arrive at La Navata. We continue towards La Navatornera and arrive at the old Roman Bridge of La Alcanzorla, now restored.

We continue to the Vedado de Las Mojas by paths between urbanizations and at the height of the Eagle’s Nest of Galapagar we cross in the race of San Silvestre de Galapagar.

In La Navata again, we take a photo with the capricious stone of the Canto del Peso.

We go through Las Columnas and there we take by track, the direct one that passes through Bellavista and takes us back to the starting point of Collado-Villalba.

Quick route full of trails!



Total distance: 20.32 km
Max elevation: 963 m
Total climbing: 437 m
Total time: 02:45:33