Vall d’Áneu and Vall d’Aran

Circular exit from Valencia d’Àneu where we are staying passing through Boren, Isil in the direction of Beret for Montgarri, down Bonaigua and visit the Gerdar.

The route has sections of difficult trails combined with very easy tracks and a section of descent by road. Spectacular views, incredible valleys, hard trails, up and down cafrs and magical forests.

We left the six pedals (5 eBikes and 1 atmospheric) from Valencia d’Àneu and soon we take a path (GR) not very cycleable towards Borén, better to avoid it if it is humid because it has very muddy stretches frequented by the cows.

Secondary road of Borén in Alòs de Isil to the shelter of the Fornet where we make a snack and here begins the most pleasant part of the route with a gradual climb between meadows and forests to Montgarri where we eat.

We continue towards the Pla de Beret with its cattle in the meadows and we turn by the strong rise of the day towards the neck of the Arcoïls. In about 6Km we won 500m despite having a drop in the middle, there are 23% ramps without any shadow where you lose traction easily because the track is very broken and with a lot of pebbles. It is very hard to climb the ski slopes, and more for those who do not carry eBike. Once we crown, although we can step on snow patches, with this wave of heat it will surely be time to defer.

On the descent again we have a terrain that takes little and very strong slopes of 24%, it is easy to finish by land in the first kilometer of descent, then it becomes easy and fast track to the port of Bonaigua.

We go down the path blurred, difficult or very difficult, on the edge of the road. Little marked, irregular, covered with vegetation and bumps very uncomfortable, but at the same time beautiful and wild; It is a technical descent, but especially physical until we enter the road. Those of us who have not been on the road, we have cycled everything, but we have suffered a lot.

Soon we left the C-28 to take the detour of the forest of the Gerdar, a preciousness even crossing it through the asphalt of this secondary and quiet road. Refreshment in the shelter if appropriate. We return to the C-28 and in 6Km we take the deviation in Valencia d’Àneu where we arrive by way to the right in a moment.



Total distance: 60.93 km
Max elevation: 2330 m
Total climbing: 1857 m
Total time: 09:51:53