Valdemanco – Singletracks and Trails

We started from Valdemanco, located north of Madrid, in a small valley southwest of the Cerros de La Cabrera, in the Sierra de Guadarrama.

We roam, playing between trails, tracks and granite slabs, passing through Castillejo and Zarzosa to pass under the Madrid-Burgos railroad that currently lacks passenger service and turn around in Pajarito’s boat.

We continue along beautiful paths to the Navalengua Lagoon and the Bustarviejo – Valdemanco Station. We rolled by the side of the road and passing by the viaduct of 26 m high and 11 arches of the train track, and then get into the tunnel of the Bajero Hook.

We turn around the barracks that were part of the repression for the redemption of sentences. Criminal Detachment BUSTARVIEJO 1944 -1952. Definitely a place to reflect and visit. We continue along the path of Las Viñas and immediately return again enjoying trails to pass next to the ruins of the Bajero Mill, until passing under the viaduct of the train track that we had previously passed over.

We pass through the impressive granite quarries then turn to the Navazales where we pass the Arroyo de Gargüera and trialeras take us to Navalafuente, to leave the town by the road of Miraflores, to turn soon by the Camino Bajo de las Viñas and by trails we cross again the Arroyo de Gargüera. We return to Peña Rubia and pass through the impressive quarries of Granito de Los Navazales. We continue between fun paths parallel to the Arroyo de Albalá and abandoned granite quarries until turning around in Sacedón.

And it only remains to return to Valdemanco, but up. Although it is not made heavy by the wonderful landscape.

Without a doubt a magnificent route full of trails and some easy trailera, for the north of Madrid, in a small valley to the southwest of the Cerros de La Cabrera, in the Sierra de Guadarrama.



Total distance: 32.57 km
Max elevation: 1172 m
Total climbing: 813 m
Total time: 04:21:19