Hornachuelos and Traviesa mountain range.

We started from Hornachuelos to discover a part of the Sierra de Hornachuelos and the Sierra Naughty.

They knew that there are many routes for beautiful trails but that some of them are closed at certain times of the year and others are forbidden to practice BTT. With which and with total interest to respect the Natural Park of the Sierra de Hornachuelos, they decided to redo the track of the MTB Route El Retortillo Route of the Naturcor BTT Provincial Circuit of the Andalusian Cycling Federation … but also have problems .. now we tell you

We left from Hornachuelos in the direction of his cemetery. We take the Eagle Trail and then continue along the path of Las Herrerias but when we reach the track that should lead us to the Cabreriza de San Bernardo we find that the door is closed. We think that this area would be open on the day of the race but that it is now closed because it is private property. With what we have no choice but to follow the path of Las Herr to the Recreational Area of La Fuente del Valle where there is an austere Hermitage of San Abundio. Here we left the track to the left and later we found it closed to the Cabreriza de San Berbardo, so we can not follow the track again. But if we find open doors to what is the House of the Dismantle, with which, we enter and exit quickly through another door (both are open.

We followed by wide track always seeing fences that sometimes we made us think if it was inside or outside … but as everything is field … Later we crossed ourselves with a group of deer … which makes us think that we are in the field open.

We continue along the track and go through the magnificent house of the Cortijo de las Cabalgaderas de San Bernardo. Later on we naturally stop to contemplate the views with a cross and when we continue we find a guard who tells us that we could not enter there. (He thought that finalizing to enter) but we clarified to him that we come pedaling several kilometers back by track and without jumping no door nor it closes. He very politely tells us that it’s their fault that they have the upper doors open and we leave without them. But I want to comment on this since we and by mistake, we have been able to shoot for this Hacienda de San Bernardo but that is Private Property, although it can be rented for rural escapes!

We go down the CO-140 road that comes from the Reservoir of Retorillo and leave it at the Casa de Banda where we find the track.

We continue along the track and then along a path crossing the Arroyo de Mahoma and down the Sierra Traviesa until we come across the large expanses of orange trees in the area.

We cross the CO-140 and we arrive at the Channel the Right Bank of the Bembézar that takes us to the Cortijo de las Cruces where we take the SL-A 243 – (Las Cruces -Hornachuelos)

We take the opportunity to enter Hornachuelos through its viewpoint of Embalse del Bembézar and cross all its town.

Magnificent route through the Sierra de Hornachuelos and the Serra de Traviesa, avoiding private roads, but enjoying its majesty.



Total distance: 37.33 km
Max elevation: 343 m
Total climbing: 803 m
Total Time: 03:43:49