Guadalupe mountain range – Heart of Villuercas

We started from the Town of Guadalupe, Cáceres. And more specifically, from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to enter the Sierra de Guadalupe by the Almond Path perimetrating Pozuelo Hill. On its west face, the Loma de Altamira, we took the Fuenfría road among chestnuts and oaks.

Closed that circle, we went down to the Arroyo de la Fuenfría for track to go to the Loma del Guindalejo passing by the Sansol hunting estate. We continue along the track until we find the trails of the Geoparque Villuercas Ibores Jara. GR-118 Camino de los Jerónimos and the most important of all, the GR 119 – XIX Roman’s Path – Guadalupe Real Path that comes from Madrid and that will accompany us to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our starting point and end of route.

We pass the Puente de los Álamos, at the height of the road EX-118, which crosses the Ibor River just to where its tributary Arroyo Gurujuelo. We continue all the time guided by the marks of the GR 118 and 119 passing through the Gavia del Serrano and the Fuente del Barruntafrio until the junction of the Ermita del Humilladero where we turn off to the right along the trail of Pico Villuercas for a few meters further up, take the path that goes down parallel to the road and back to the Guadalupe Paths. But when we go back to the crossing of the Ermita del Humilladero we are forced to shelter under it because a strong storm catches us.

Shelter that does not serve much and as the storm seemed to go long. We decided to continue to Guadalupe through the network of trails, but almost without being able to enjoy them while being soaked. Yes! Showered and warmer we celebrate it savoring the Ibores cheese, a fatty cheese, made exclusively with raw milk from local goat. PDO of the areas of Villuercas, Ibores, La Jara and Trujillo



Total distance: 36.33 km
Max elevation: 1063 m
Total climbing: 1174 m
Total time: 04:07:53