Parco dell’Alto Garda Bresciano- Rifuge Pirlo

Sortim des de San Michele (Gardone Riviera), i més concretament des de l’Hotel Colomber, per la Vall di Sur. Aviat arribem a les senyals del sender CAI (Club Alpi Italià) número 8 que ens porta per pista amb una pujada constant que ens acompanyarà al Refugi de Pirlo. Seguim pista amunt i a estones fem retalls pels senders coberts de fulles que l’hivern ha deixat a We started from San Michele (Gardone Riviera), and more specifically from the Colomber Hotel, through the Valle del Sur. Soon we arrive at the signals of the CAI (Italian Alpi Club) number 8 that takes us along the track with a steady climb that will accompany us to the Pirlo Refuge. We continue on the trail and we are making clippings on the leafy paths that winter has left on the ground.

At km 5 we reach Pirello where we turn towards the Refuge of Pirlo along the path that soon descends to the Coll de l’Spino.

Now from Coll de L’Spino, the refuge is a walk that surely can be seen on a normal day. Which, with the strong fog that has touched us, can not be confirmed.

Soon this is in the refuge where we meet the bike group that recently happened to us and coincides with a friendly couple of Italian girls that we immediately connected, it can be for the Spritz! We had a great casoncelli, typical pasta dish from Brescia, in the refuge.

After this splendid stay in the refuge of Pirlo, and more than we had planned nothing when we did not know it, we crossed our way through Coll de l’Spino pass to Pirello where we now take the CAI 6 marked with Sant’Urbano – Sanico. It is sometimes too sticky for mud. But without problems we arrived at Sant’Urbano. At this point take the path number CAI 23-13 called Passo Buelino – Sanico – S. Michele. But soon we turn to the right but honestly find it difficult to find the entrance to the trail, as you can see on the track, since it is initially covered with leaves.

We close the route for a beautiful trail where we pass through a hunting area of birds. Curious!

Finally we arrived at San Michele where we had the car parked.

A good route with two distinct parts, A steep climb to the Pirlo Refuge where you should taste the Casoncelli and its Spritz and a descent through a fun trail. Too bad in the fog that has prevented us from seeing the landscape and its views.



Total distance: 19.4 km
Max elevation: 1220 m
Total climbing: 1088 m
Total time: 05:41:25