The Mujer Muerta from Cercedilla

We left from the parking lot of the Dehesas de Cercedilla and we began the ascent by the Roman Causeway of Cercedilla, which, like other times, takes us to the Puerto de la Fuenfría.

Then we continue the ascent by the PR-4 to the Collado de Minguete. At this point we had the fog so thick that we have passed through the base of the Wheat Mound and we have not seen it. Luckily, when we arrive at the Collado de Tirobarra, the clouds open and let us contemplate both the Heap of wheat and the rope of La Mujer Muerta (The Dead Woman).

We continue the ascent towards the Pinareja of 2197 m, (the head of the Dead Woman) by the quarry that covers its summit. Once up the day has already opened and we can see the whole rope of La Mujer Muerta that we have to do. But first we must go down the west side, also stony to face the Peña del Oso of 2196 m. where we photographed with the teddy bears from their geodesic point.

We continue on the PR-4 until the last peak of La Mujer Muerta. The peak of Pasapán, and we continue down to the Pasapán Gate, where the PR4 ends crossing with the GR88. From here we turn towards Cercedilla by the track of the South side of La Mujer Muerta. Passing through the quarry of Pasapán and the Espinar Reservoir or Vado de las Cabras.

We continue pisteando until we reach the Arroyo del Tejo or las Tabladillas where we turn off upstream, which takes us to Collado de Marichica. We make the observation that this zone has restrictions of passage from July 1 to September 30 as indicated by the sign in the Collado de Marichiva.

The descent to the parking lot of the Dehesas de Cercedilla is done directly by the Hoyuelo.

Awesome route for La Mujer Muerta from Cercedilla. 25 km of beautiful views and peaks! Do not miss it!



Total distance: 26.25 km
Max elevation: 2185 m
Total climbing: 1941 m
Total time: 07:33:34