The Azohía – Bolete cove – Tiñoso Cape

We started from the Playa de la Azohía protected by the tip of the same name and we rolled inland along the Rambla … also from the Azohía! We went through the Campillo de Adentro and climbed the Collado del Bolete and there we went down the track almost to Cala del Bolete. We return track up again passing the hill and in the Campillo de Adentro, we take the old road, almost if use, that takes us to the Batteries of El Jorel but abandon us the road soon to enjoy the path that takes us after a few zetas GR-92 and that will then guide us to the military batteries passing through Cala Salitrona.

The military batteries of El Jorel of Tiñoso Cape have recently been unused, in 1993.

The return we do it by the old highway initiating the ascent and in the descent we make a small cut that returns us to the Rambla de la Azohía.

Beautiful Route through the Tiñoso Cap of Murcia. Stony like any Mediterranean area but wonderful!

Preciosa Ruta pel Cap Tiñoso de murcià. ¡Pedregosa com qualsevol àrea mediterrània però meravellosa!



Total distance: 35.16 km
Max elevation: 460 m
Total climbing: 1161 m
Total time: 04:13:06