Garraf – La Morella and its Potholes

Started from La Pleta Information Center to its highest point of the Garraf Park, the top of La Morella of 596 m.

We leave the car in the parking lot of La Pleta and continue up the road signposted GR-92. Immediately we see a gap on the highway protected its entrance with a green metal fence. It is the chasm of the Camino de la Plana Novella.

Further on we see the signposted exit towards the Emili Sabater pothole of 39 m. of depth. A classic and for me the most beautiful mouth of all we visited.
We return to the road to continue up to the Plan de Querol. There we turn to the right following the GR-92 markings towards La Morella.

Then we went through the pothole del Llamp of 73 m. deep and narrow mouth on the ground. We continue following the GR now out of the asphalt and we reach the pothole de Silvia 13 m. deep and with mouth very covered with vegetation.

We continue and close in an esplanade and among medium rocks we see the pothole de la Asensió of 84 m. of depth. And continuing we see the last chasm. The one of the Llambrics of 87 m. of depth.

We continue forward passing through the ruins of the beautiful Corral de Campgràs. We continue and see the magnitude of Garraf landfill, now closed and covered.

On the way up, we pass through other rubble afterwards and we are heading for the last climb towards La Morella. Where we enjoy its cross, views and sunset.

We return undoing the road, but now by paved road cutting the sections of the GR.

Quick and recommendable way to visit the highest peak of the Garraf massif, the Morella, following the GR 92 and visiting the potholes of the Plana de Novella, Emili Sabater, Llamp, Silvia, Asensió and the Llambrics.



Total distance: 8.58 km
Max elevation: 585 m
Total climbing: 424 m
Total Time: 01:57:58