The escurialenes summit

Route inspired by the Escurialenses Summit of San Lorenzo de El Escorial but with some modification.

The route startd near the Monastery and begins with the GR10 towards the Silla de Felipe II. It can be done following the GR10. But I do a small detour along the trails of the Blacksmith shop. Finally, on the GR 10 we arrive at Collado de Entrecabezas, the path between the two Machotas.

61 Turn left to make the first peak. La Machota Baja or 3rd Hermit (1,461 m). It is without a doubt the sharpest peak of the day. Especially if you want to reach its geodesic point.

We go down and down the road to attack Machota Alta or Pic del Fraile (1,417 m). Nothing of technical difficulty beyond the strong rises.

We go down to the Puerto de la Cruz Verde with the intention of doing the San Benito peak but on the Green Cross, where the track is born, there is a sign that private farm day is forbidden. I leave it. Continuing along the path near Avila Road, where you can see remains of two car accidents.

We arrive at the end of Robledondo where we take the ascent track, which we often cut, towards the Cerro de la Cabeza (1,679 m) and we go down but motocross with loose stones to the Port of Malagón.

From there we begin the ascent to Abantos (1,753 m) that in our case we will stretch down to the peak to descend later towards its source and already by the GR-10 we descend through the zetes to the dam of the Romeral where ” Nothing at night
We arrive at San Lorenzo de El Escorial at night with a total Christmas atmosphere.

Good solo route. Long (8.20h) and lasts due to its strong accumulated unevenness.



Total distance: 31.02 km
Max elevation: 1754 m
Total climbing: 1664 m
Total time: 08:20:23