The Médano. Desert and volcanoes

We started from El Médano. A beautiful and magnificent town on the part goes out from the Island of Tenerife. And more specifically from the store where they rented the bikes, Bike Point Tenerife – El Médano, which they recommend completely (they also have two stores spread across the island).

The exit is calm on the coastline in the NE direction, going down the Jaquita Beach where we turn and we enter into the desert areas of the southern part of the island. We quickly reach a mysterious and intriguing place. An old abandoned parabolic anther!

We continue along the Jaquita road until we reach the TF-1 Motorway, which, without touching, we turn to the Granadilla Wind Park, almost encircling the sea, the old volcano, now Pelada Mountain Natural Monument.

By pedaling other windmills, we come across the IP of Granadilla de Abona, in Barranco de las Monjas and later, crossing the TF-1 for the bridge, we arrive at Barranco de la Mula where the long climb of the day takes us to the Casa of the Pimples of Chimiche. Maximum period of the day.

We turn left initially on the small road, TF-636, to the Euroguarapo petrol station, or we will start to descend initially by track and then a trail that passes between the Ifara Volcanoes and the Riscos Volcanoes (Natural Monument Mountains of Ifara and the Risks).

Arriving at the descent and allowing the Los Riscos Volcano, we continue playing parallel to the TF-1 highway to San Isidro, where we cross the freeway through its bridge that descends near the Tenerife South airport towards La Cueva del Santo Brother Pedro.

We continue Barranco de los Balos down to the Beach of El Médano, unmistakable for its windsurfers and kitesurfists.

And what better way to close this day than with a good seafood at the small restaurant of Playa Chica.

Magnificent route, magnificent people and magnificent enclave with the Island of Tenerife.



Total distance: 40.12 km
Max elevation: 489 m
Total climbing: 1171 m
Total time: 04:23:37