Collserola Trails by Juanma

Mooning trails by Collserola guided at all times by Juanma from the gang of “Los Llorones”.

We started from the Karl Marx Square, going up the path that leaves us at Cerro d’en Segarra where a series of trails begins linking them with each other and although you have gps it becomes difficult to follow, but you have duly marked with waypoints the directions to follow . As places to highlight is the new Source, or was it the Old Fountain?

Really go out with him for Collserola is a real pass, because you can be a whole day doing trails without repeating any, maybe as much doing it in reverse. So we could make an “infinite Collserola”.

The route is very nice to do, a server discovered some new ones, and all of them with a difficulty suitable for almost everyone.



Total distance: 37.23 km
Max elevation: 290 m
Total climbing: 1265 m
Total Time: 05:57:22