Consuegra – Don Quixote Mills

We stared from Consuegra, Toledo. To make a route with a beautiful end with its set of windmills and castle to the Cerro de Calderico.

We take the track of Puerto Lápice and then take the Camino de los Navajos and then Valdeperal to the Hermitage of San Cristobal or we continue for a while on asphalt until it ends and gives way to the track of Consuegra
We continue along the track of Fuente el Fresno to take the detour along the footpath of the Fuente de la Raya where we cross deer. We continue towards the Forest House where we have already taken the path of Fuente el Fresno in Consuegra, to deviate to the Canan Soriana Oriental and Puerto del Reventón.

To make the exit a bit more fun, we take the Monte de Peñón fire breaks to go down towards Consuegra. But before finishing we went up to Cerro del Calderico to photograph ourselves with their mills and down a path at their side.

Easy route if you avoid the hot hours. It is very pistera and fast to do. Although we took a lot because I had the tubeless with a cut and I had to inflate the wheel about 30 times this route!


Total distance: 50.2 km
Max elevation: 1070 m
Total climbing: 922 m
Total time: 05:00:41