Bustarviejo – Three Valleys Crossing

We started from Bustarviejo, a town in the Sierra Norte de Madrid and settled on the slopes of the Sierra de Guadarrama, on its southern slope. And we start down the Camino de Las Viñas to play between its paths and granite slabs. Passing near the ruins of its two mills (Cimero and Bajero) we reach the M-631 road crossing it just under the 26 m high viaduct and 11 arches of the train track.

We continue along the impressive granite quarries (Navazales and Guillén) to finally take the Cañada Real, which is the side of the A1 that leads to the town of La Cabrera. We crossed it by passing several times down the A1 to cross again for the last time, now above, once the Bad Head has been overcome.

Now we go around the Sierra de la Cabrera on its north face until we reach the town of La Garganta de Los Montes and we leave by the road that joins this town with that of Canencia.

We cross Canencia, leaving by the Hermitage of the Santo Cristo taking the PR28 that already it is going to raise us to the Port of Canencia. Here we go down the road M-629 to Cotilleja where we go back into the field.

Between tracks and paths and covered with oak groves we get to the GR-10.1 that takes us to the Collado and from there and descending back to Bustarviejo.

Magnificent route there where there are! If you want to have fun and have a full day of BTT in the Sierra Norte de Madrid. This is the route!
And what better way to close it than with an impressed chuletón at La Casona Restaurant.



Total distance: 56.73 km
Max elevation: 1451 m
Total climbing: 1681 m
Total time: 06:30:20