Between Guadarrama and Pardo

We started from the dam of the Reservoir of the Urbanization of Molino de la Hoz. And we began to cicling towards the Camino de los Molinos and then parallel to the Guadarrama River using Route 15 from Villanueva del Pardillo to the Camino de Puente de Retamar signposted by the Conservation and Management of the Regional Park of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River and its Surroundings.

A little further on we cross the Puente del Retamar. And we follow the paths parallel to the river until the meander where to follow Route 15 we should cross the river. At this point we continue rolling along the Virgen de Retamar Trail equally parallel to the Guadarrama until the intersection with the Arroyo de la Puentecilla. This stream. Its ravines and location made it during the Civil War, a line of defense for the People’s Army of the Republic that established part of its Main Line of Resistance in this sector of the front.

We walk along the paths of the TM de Las Rozas parallel to the stream, since it acts in its final section as a border between the municipalities of Las Rozas and Majadahonda. And whose channel of about 4 kilometers to empty into the Guadarrama river, can remain dry for long periods of time. Then we arrive at the Urbanization of La Chopera, which you do not have to enter, but skirt around to continue towards the Alto de los Enebros along its trails. And there we will cross the Dehesa de Navalcarbón, the birthplace of the Puentecilla stream and formerly called Altos de la Carrascosa. A plateau that, in relation to vestiges of the Civil War, the Dehesa de Navalcarbón constitutes a privileged space for those interested in the study of military architecture. Inside, numerous remains from those times have been preserved, turning the place into a magnificent historical and archaeological site.

We leave Navalcarbon using the Puerta de Las Rozas Bridge that passes us over the A-6 and takes us to the trails near the western part of Monte del Pardo. We rolled along them parallel to the train tracks and then we turned onto the paths of the Arroyo del Bosquillón until it collided with Monte del Pardo and returned to Las Matas along the Arroyo del Faraldo.

We cross Las Matas and the A-6 using the steps of the train station. To then go to the Natural Area of Lazarejo and play along the trails of the Arroyo de Lazarejo that practically return us to our starting point. The Molino de la Hoz reservoir.

Entre el Guadarrama y el PardoEntre el Guadarrama y el PardoEntre el Guadarrama y el PardoEntre el Guadarrama y el PardoEntre el Guadarrama y el PardoEntre el Guadarrama y el PardoEntre el Guadarrama y el PardoEntre el Guadarrama y el PardoEntre el Guadarrama y el Pardo



Total distance: 31125 m
Max elevation: 758 m
Total climbing: 635 m
Total time: 02:48:09


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